Worldwide leading private jet management for small planes
Owning a private jet may be a dream come true
With your personal aircraft management company you can avoid the downsides of jet ownership
But that dream can become a hassle
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Own the sky
Skywalker's private jet management team has the agility, responsiveness and personal attention of a private flight department refined over the past 10 years.

Whether you want to fly a hundred hours annually or maximize charter revenue. We possess the experience and resources to ensure a legendary ownership experience.
private flight department
Taking the worry out of aircraft ownership
Let us handle all the aspects of private jet management, including administration, operation and maintenance.
Superior asset protection
As part of our engineering services, we provide pre-flight servicing, solve AOG issues quickly, and perform dedicated line maintenance according to the latest aviation regulations.
Delivering the highest level of in-flight service
Through our comprehensive training and induction programs, we ensure that our crew members consistently meet or exceed the expectations of world-class private jet travelers.
Total transparency and clear reporting
Whenever owners need information about their aircraft, they can ask for it. For any requirement, we will provide succinct and accurate reports.
Meeting the highest safety standards
We have a robust and dynamic safety management system that embraces best practices from military, commercial and business jet management.
When an aircraft isn’t being used by its owner, it can be generating revenue as a private charter jet. In addition to our main business, we also run a charter operation, so we are constantly being contacted by clients who need transportation from A to B, often every day.

In order to ensure your asset is receiving the attention it deserves, our charter sales and marketing team uses highly targeted marketing campaigns to reach thousands of charter customers.
Maximizing Revenue
Let us manage the details
Elevate your jet
Enjoy peace of mind while more than 10 years’ worth of experience is working to protect your aircraft and enhance your ownership experience.
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